Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day

So today is Pioneer Day. Also, it marks 7 days before the MTC!! I’m so excited! 😀

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So I just wanted to give a shout-out to Pioneer Day, because it’s a day to celebrate our ancestors, who were the first in the country, first to our hometowns, first to utilize the blessings our  Heavenly Father has given us. Pioneers are those who pave the way for their posterity, so this doesn’t necessarily mean they had to travel by covered wagon. Modern-day pioneers are those who pave the way for their posterity to have a better life. I am incredibly grateful for the pioneers in my life – my parents were the first members in each of their families to serve a full-time mission. I am grateful to my grandparents on both sides, who joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints years ago, despite hardship. I am grateful to my brother, Jimmy, for being the first person I’ve seen prepare throughout his life to serve a mission. And I am also grateful for the opportunity to be a pioneer for my own family. I will be the first Sister McDonald from our family out in the field, the first young woman to serve at age 19 for a full 18 months. I am so excited.

So I would encourage you today, tomorrow, whenever, to think about the pioneers in your own lives, in your own families. If you have the opportunity, thank them! And think of the ways you will be a pioneer for your own family. How are you going to pave the way for your families to have a better life?

When I make decisions, I sometimes think about how they’ll affect ‘my story’. I think about who I want to be, and try to act in a way that will help me to get there. I want to be able to tell my own children ‘my story’ without having to skip over parts. 😉
So what’s my story now?
I’m just a girl who has a dream. A dream to help others. A dream to serve God. A dream she’s fulfilling.
7 days.