Scattered Sunshine

Scattered Sunshine

So I’m finally in Vegas!! Or some part of it, I’m not too sure. I can tell you one thing though, it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s absolutely the perfect place for Heavenly Father to have sent me. For those of you who know me, I struggle with being a happy camper in cold weather. Just a bit. But I LOVE summer, and even though it got up to 102 outside yesterday, I’ve been loving every minute of it!

I have seen so many people in the MTC as well as here that I knew before my mission. It’s so crazy! Yesterday Elder Lapeyrouse almost got jumped for nearly giving me a hug, he was so glad to see me! Hahaha. It really is nice to see familiar faces in the field, though, because it just really attests to me that I’ve been where I needed to be, and known the people I needed to know to become the person Heavenly Father wants me to be for my mission. Sister McDonald is all I’ve wanted to be my entire life, because I’m choosing to be so now. Isn’t that great?

Next week we’ll all get to go to the Las Vegas temple. If you don’t know what it looks like, you’re missing out! I’m so grateful for temples and the opportunity to be worthy enough to enter them. Temples are the most sacred and celestial places on Earth besides our own homes, and they are absolutely beautiful.
My new companion is Sister K. She’s Hawaiian, and totally amazing! She’s so enthusiastic about the work, and so sweet! She’s only been out for two transfers, and is already a trainer. I feel so blessed! I do miss Sister Field, but I know she’s having a great experience with her companion as well. I think I might also miss the elders from my district and zone that came out with us. I remember yesterday like it was months ago, haha! But the smile still hasn’t left my face.
I must say, I really love this gospel. I love how perfect and simple and complete it is. I love how I can really have faith in Jesus Christ, true faith that causes me to act in order to achieve the outcome I have such great hope for. I know that the Savior really did die for me, and you, and everybody. There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind, because I have studied in faith, pondered in faith, and most importantly prayed in faith to know for myself from Heavenly Father, and I have received my answer.

Can you imagine a loving Heavenly Father who wanted His children to use their agency to return to Him, only to see that some outrightly refused to hear the way, some thought they could take a different path to get to the same place, and some heartbreakingly never were able to hear and receive His plan of happiness? How sad that would be. For justice and mercy to work together in the way they have to, there had to be an Atonement. Jesus Christ had to have lived perfectly, suffered, and given His life for us to return to live with Heavenly Father again. Not only that, but we have to accept His Atonement for ourselves by continually acting in faith, repenting and returning our hearts to Him, being baptized by His own authority (the authority of God, not of imperfect man) in His own way (there’s a reason Jesus Christ was baptized the way He was, even though He was perfect.), and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, also by His own authority. And the process doesn’t stop there. Life changes so much, so quickly, that if we only did that once, then by the time even a year passed, it would be pointless. It’s so easy to be distracted by things of the world, that we have to be constantly progressing, improving, becoming the person we need to be. I know that as we come to accept that Heavenly Father’s will for us will not be imposed, that He has given us our choice to be able to return to Him, as well as the path to follow, that we can become perfect through Christ. No matter how many times we say it, He wants us to show Him how much we care for Him. Jesus Christ went and did. Not so we didn’t have to, but because we couldn’t. Now it is our turn. “Now is the time to prepare to meet God…”
These things I know to be true. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ both love us SO much, and they want what’s best for us. I know of His plan, and I know that I will “go and do” whatever it takes to show Him what I see is most important. I love Him so much, and I will answer His call.

Called to serve, called to virtue.

~Sister McDonald