“Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice”

“Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice”

This has been a CRAZY week! Sister Kekauoha and I have been working our tails off trying to organize the coordination efforts between the two wards and two other missionaries now under our stewardship. I have a feeling it’s going to get way busy, but as a missionary, that’s the best news I’ve ever heard! I can’t believe I’ve already been out 7 weeks. (9 weeks if you count the MTC). I guess the key to missions can be summed up in Dad’s great advice: Rely on the Lord, and

This week I received two very special letters in the mail. The first was from my sweet little sister. I’ve been super strong on not missing, and yet still loving my family. But when I got her letter, I couldn’t help it. She’s my sweet spot, but that just makes me want to be the best missionary I can be, so that I can be able to give her advice when she goes on her mission, to be the BEST MISSIONARY EVER!! 🙂 The second letter was one my little cousins sent me. You’d never think that stickers on lined paper would make a sister so emotional, but knowing that every single sticker was placed with love really stuck with me. Sister K laughs to see all my letters and cards from family and friends stuck under the top of the bunk bed, so I can see them all the time.

So being real? Yeah, missions are really, really hard sometimes. People turn you away, people reject the knowledge that will bring them happiness, people will leave the safety of the gospel because they don’t feel like committing to living the way they should. You leave life and family and may even miss a brother’s wedding. There are times when you really really miss your family. But hey, all these hard times are what ultimately give me joy, because I know that every sacrifice I make, every effort on my part to give of myself so others can find true happiness in the Gospel will reap so many more blessings than I can ever imagine, for myself and my family. If nothing else, knowing that I can inspire my little sister to study the Book of Mormon more thoroughly, and helping her to want to have a testimony of the gospel is worth anything that Heavenly Father sees fit for me to endure. And I know I can endure anything, because He will help me as I rely on Him.

So this Saturday we went to the stake center to watch the Relief Society Broadcast. What a blessing it is to be able to know that our church is organized through the power of the true and restored Priesthood, and that these lovely ladies are called of God to lead the Relief Society, to speak to us and bring us comfort and direction in how we should live our lives to be the best daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, and women we can be. I love it. I’ve gotta admit, I really teared up when they announced that the choir was full of sister missionaries from the Provo MTC, because I knew that was probably what my Mama was doing, at the SAME TIME.

I love General Conference. For those of you who don’t know, every six months we have the Prophet, Thomas S Monson, speak to the entire church, as well as the Twelve Apostles and other church leaders called of God as His special witnesses. It’s a wonderful time, because we’re able to be ministered unto, and to gain so much from what they say. This weekend, October 5-6, we are able literally hear a prophet’s voice. How cool would it be if we could hear Moses or Noah come and speak to us, to warn us about the spiritual and physical dangers to come? Well guess what? We can. We can listen to what a Prophet of God has to say about what we need to do to prepare ourselves to be in the presence of the Savior. If Jesus Christ returned today, would you feel comfortable in His presence? Or would you feel frightened, guilty, or unfulfilled? I know that I want to do the best I can to do His will, to learn His truth, so that when I see Him again, I will know that I did EVERYTHING I could in order to please Him. That’s why I’m here on earth. That’s why I’m here on a mission. And that is why I am who I am.

Called to Virtue, Called to Serve

Sister Kayla A McDonald