“Improve the Shining Moments”

“Improve the Shining Moments”

So even though I’ve only been out in Las Vegas about two months, it’s amazing to see just how much life has changed. I’ve never felt so focus on the happiness of others, and I have been SO excited to find opportunities to teach. We didn’t have too many appointments this past week, so we spent a lot of time finding people we hadn’t met in the new area yet. Sometimes it gets a little difficult, but I’ve realized just how important it is to be friends with your companion. Basically? Lesson learned: Sister K is awesome.

But seriously, one of the saddest things as a missionary is to be super excited for a teaching appointment, only to have them not show up. Sister K and I have had this goal for the past few weeks that we call “Peter Pan thoughts”. Because the gospel is one of joy, and we can’t teach the gospel without the Spirit accompanying us, we want to be as positive and happy as possible, so we can find JOY in the work we are doing, and so we can have the Spirit with us as well. It’s really simple to find joy in the work we are doing, no matter what we are doing at the moment.

Yesterday we gave this youth fireside on missionary work. It was one of the Bishop-Youth firesides that our bishop had invited us to speak at, and it was really neat to see how excited the youth in our ward were to share the gospel with their friends. It made me think about how some of my very best friends in high school would talk with me about religion, and ask me questions about the church and my beliefs. If there’s one thing I wish I had done more, it would be sharing my testimony with those that I love

So we play this fun game called kanake (no one really knows how to spell it!) that involves a football and rules similar to ultimate Frisbee and rugby combined (still not a contact sport, haha) almost every morning during morning sports, where we get together waaay too early in the morning with a bunch of missionaries in our area to play sports. I love how I had to wait until my mission to realize I was somewhat athletic… But hey! It’s fun. And like it’s been said hundreds of times, a mission is not just something you do for 18-24 months. It’s something that will set the course of your life forever. If that means I can teach my kids how to throw a football? I’m definitely counting that as a bonus. 🙂

We met this really neat family the other day, in the new area. The three girls, youngest at age 7, already say they’re future sister missionaries. Of course, that definitely rang a bell with me. What an awesome family, to encourage their daughters to consider that choice early on, so they can prepare their whole lives for that! Reminds me of another really cool family…

My favorite book in the scriptures is St John. I love reading about the Savior. No matter what was going on in His life at the time, He always kept that eternal perspective. He knew who He was. And there was nothing anybody could do or say that would influence how He felt about His Father in Heaven, or how much He knew Heavenly Father loved Him. I love my Savior, and I want to be as Christlike as possible, because I know that is where true joy comes.

Called to Virtue, Called to Serve
Sister Kayla A McDonald