“With Humble Heart”

“With Humble Heart”

Can I just say, I love Las Vegas? I know I’ve only been out on my mission for about three months, but I already feel completely immersed in the people, the culture, the crazy weather… We went up to Mt Charleston today with an awesome sister from the ward, and we saw TREES!!! It was actually kinda funny, because I looked up from writing a letter to all of the sudden seeing real trees instead of the funny-looking Joshua ones.. I took like a million pictures, and it was wonderful. It was similar in some ways to back home, but not even close to the real thing. But hey, it was a great experience!

One of the greatest things about being a missionary is the experience we can have as we try to be humble. It’s definitely not easy, but during exchanges last week we talked about things I can improve upon as a missionary as well as within my companionship. I had been struggling for awhile physically, but I know that Heavenly Father wants me here, for some reason or another. But I think I really did need to remember why I want to be here, myself.

One of our sister training leaders brought up a really good point.
“Do you want to be here?”
Struggling to answer fully, all I could say was, “I want to be here so bad it hurts!”
Smiling, she told me Heavenly Father would make that possible. Regardless of any issues that may come up in my mission, I know without a doubt that this gospel is true, that it has changed my life forever, and that He needs me here. She had me read a talk on pride by Ezra Taft Benson, that really struck me as to why we have leadership in the first place. If we humble ourselves enough to take advice from leaders or more experienced people, whether they’re missionaries or not, we not only show respect for them and their opinions, but also for our ability to grow and progress. That’s our whole purpose in life, is to progress towards our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. The more we become like Jesus Christ, the better perspective we have, and the better we are able to endure trials faithfully.

The one and only way to truly return to live with Heavenly Father is through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and the ordinances that go along with that truth. The ONLY way. And if there aren’t people willing to go out and “lay aside the things of this world” so that they can share that gospel with others, then the immense, eternal blessings that He has for His children cannot come to pass. I feel so blessed to have been a recipient of so many miracles that have allowed me to be where I am right now. That really makes me want to not take for granted this short time I have in the full-time service of the Lord.

Called to Virtue, Called to Serve.
Much Love!!
Sister Kayla A McDonald