“Jesus of Nazareth, Savior and King”

“Jesus of Nazareth, Savior and King”

This week has been absolutely crazy. There’s a saying in the MTC that really does hold true throughout your entire mission, “If you can make it to Sunday, you’re golden.” Sometimes that’s one of the only thoughts that allows me to grin and bear the day I’m in. Most of the time, however, I feel absolutely blessed to go through anything He allows me to go through, because I know that Heavenly Father will not give us anything that we cannot handle. Sometimes, He gives us too much to handle on our own, but that’s because He’s trying to teach us to rely on Him. I love that.

I have really underestimated the power of music so far in my life. I’ve said that before, I’m sure, but how absolutely amazing it is to be able to commune with my Heavenly Father through the music I’m able to play. We were given permission to find time to play the piano every day or so, to kind of relieve the crazy stress. And it has made ALL the difference, I must say.

This past Tuesday, we had Elder Neil L Anderson and Elder Tad R Callister come and speak to the Las Vegas and Las Vegas West missions. It was amazing! For those who aren’t familiar with the names, Elder Anderson is an Apostle of the Lord, one of 12 very special witnesses of the Savior, and Elder Callister is a member of the Presidency of the Seventy, another great witness of Jesus Christ. Since the Church has been restored to the way it was when the Savior organized it upon the earth, these callings are incredibly important. It was neat to teach one of our investigators this week about prophets being upon the earth today. If prophets have basically been around since Adam, wouldn’t it make sense that there would be prophets upon the earth today, especially since we need them so badly for direction and counsel? I can’t wait to hear General Conference this year, because we’ll be able to hear from servants of God about things that Heavenly Father wants us to know. How beautiful.

I thought it was really neat to see at the beginning of the conference on Tuesday how Elders Anderson and Callister shook everyone’s hand, and looked into our eyes. To be seen by an Apostle is a powerful thing.

I love this gospel so much. I really do. I love reading and studying the Book of Mormon, and now I’ve been reading and studying the New Testament. It is amazing to see how every doctrine in the restored Church is backed up by the NT. My favorite part? How many times Jesus Christ refers to the Father as Heavenly Father. How beautiful to know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves and watches over us!

Hoping all is well back home, out here, wherever we are! Love you ALL!

Called to Virtue, Called to Serve.
Sister Kayla A McDonald